In homes around the globe, is there any place warmer than around the kitchen table with your family? This is the engine room where nurturing is bubbling on the stove and loved ones cook up something special for each other. We all know the titles, “Kitchen Table Wisdom”, Chicken Soup For The Soul” and a myriad of similarly named tomes referring to the same magically inspired domestic rites. The kitchen is the place for real magic to happen in the home. Love is on the menu, when mum or dad are cooking up a storm for their brood.

Turning the Family Kitchen Into a Bonding Space

Is your kitchen, at home, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life? If not, what can you do about it? First thing is to make sure that you are inhabiting the space with your own positive energy. As a parent or guardian in a domestic situation, you need to mark your turf and the kitchen is the best place to do it. Even, if you are not a great cook, you can still make the family kitchen a place of real warmth and love. Reheat with gusto, put your love into serving other people’s cooking, and make sure that your family associate good food with your presence.

Eating is an intimate activity, a ritual, that all families can share in. There is a reason why we traditionally celebrate important dates with a shared meal, like Christmas and Easter. They may be religious festivals, which might be losing some of their shine in the modern era, but that import remains true for birthdays and anniversaries. We need to eat to survive, so turning a necessity into a party is a powerful move. Recipes are good medicine for all occasions.

Turning the family kitchen into a bonding space is a sure-fire recipe for healthy and happy families. The kitchen is less formal than the dining room, but is also free of entertainment devices, hopefully. Leave the screens out of the kitchen is my advice, I know that they are creeping in via some fridges and people using them to access online recipe pages, but keep a strict control over them. The kitchen table or stools and kitchen benches are important casual communal spots for family conversation, ideas and sharing. Make sure that your kitchen is designed to be friendly to a multitude of users; it will repay you in love and kisses. Before improving your kitchen apperance you might wanna check out this kitchen renovation gallery for more tips and ideas to match your home’s decor.