It is a fact of life that you cannot choose your adoptive parents. In some cases, these adoptions just don’t work out. It may be due to unsuitable adoptive parents and/or unforeseen situations occurring. Whatever it is, it is a tragedy for both child and parents; and something nobody wants to see happen. In many more cases, however, adoption is a saviour for the kids concerned and a life fulfilling relationship for the adoptive parents. It is a lucky dip for the adopted children in terms of where their new life with their adoptive parents will take them.

Adoption Not Such a Gamble for Some

In my own particular situation, I was adopted by a husband and wife who were ensconced into the bookmaking and horseracing industry. Now, gambling has a bad reputation amongst many people and I cannot argue with their position on this. I can only put forward my own experience with my adoptive parents. They were incredibly generous and loving toward me throughout their lives; and I continue to thank the day when they adopted me.

In many ways, I think, we do not completely choose our own destinies. I know that my adoptive father was the son of a bookmaker and the grandson of a bookmaker. Horses and gambling were the backbone of this family and they made their way through life under the auspices of these industries. I am very proud of my father and can confidently say that most people who came into contact with him were better for the experience. He and mom, made the world a richer place through the love and generosity that they showed. I do not think that dad ever took advantage of those that bet with him and that they knew the score as well has he did when it came to the betting business.

Today, corporate bookmakers are offering the best free bookmakers bets, apparently, but it is a different world to what my parents knew. Gambling seems to be endorsed by governments around the globe and everywhere we look in sport, gambling is there. When I was growing up, there were strict parameters between the worlds of horse racing/gambling and the rest of the world. Now, gambling is across the board for all sports and promoted widely throughout the community. I am very grateful for the upbringing given to me by my adoptive parents, but I do not endorse this new world of corporate gambling.