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Caring for Foster Kids and Adoptees: Healthcare for the Disadvantaged

In the United States, children who need out-of-home placement are put in the foster care system so that they will be protected and sheltered. However, some children spend long periods of time in orphanages and foster homes, despite the fact that they should be lined up to decent adoptive homes. Among the few reasons why children are subjected to foster care are extreme destitution, abuse and homelessness. Therefore, it does not come as a revelation that orphans and children under the foster care system are in poor health.

Proper health care is a fundamental need for all children. Thanks to health care laws, children and the youth under the foster care system now have access to affordable health care.

Health Care Coverage

In the United States, orphans and those in foster care are entitled to Medicaid. It is a program financed by the Federal and State governments that aims to provide health care treatments and services to citizens who satisfy certain guidelines.

Apart from Medicaid, they are also qualified for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and to some private and marketplace health care insurance. Among the health services that they are eligible for are preventive, screening, diagnostic and treatment services imperative in making sure that they are in their best physical and behavioral health. In Australia, for instance, children in foster homes in Sydney can receive treatment from chiropractor Sydney.

Addressing Psychosocial and Other Needs

Children in orphanages and foster homes each have distinctive health needs. For one, they have pyschosocial needs that must be dealt with; in addition to case planning and legal guardianship requirements.

Moreover, since most kids that are put in the foster care system are mistreated and abandoned, they are in great need of care and affection. Furthermore, their delays in growth and development, late immunizations, asthma and quite a few disregarded health problems present health challenges.

Recent data suggest that at least 80 percent of kids in foster care have mental health problems. These are caused by trauma, experiences in broken families, and lack of access to mental health services, among other things. U.S. laws are enacted to address the mental well-being of children and youth in foster care.

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Foreign Adoption and Life in Sydney

For so many years, it is common all around the world to adopt children from China and the Southeast Asia. Many orphaned children, either the product of war or poverty, ended up with Australian families who took them in as their own. We talked to two members of the Asian Cultural Management Team who were raised by adoptive families in Sydney. Meet Florigine and Hope!


Florigine is of Filipino origin. She was adopted by an Australian couple and was brought to the country when she was a few months old. Florigine grew up without any siblings, either natural or adoptive. According to her, she never felt that she was adopted. Florigine’s closest relatives accepted her and treated her like they were connected by blood.

Growing up, Florigine reached a point where she rebelled not because of her adoption issues, but because she was behaving like any other teens her age. Despite her ancestry, she recognizes herself as an Australian — in culture and identity. When she looks in the mirror, she sees Florigine and not a girl who looks different in colour, appearance and culture.

Thank Heavens, Florigine never experienced being bullied because of her race and colour. However, her family gets irate with racist comments even if Florigine is not affected by it. At some point, she yearned at knowing who her biological parents were. Florigine said that she’ll get there when the right time comes.


“Ching chang, ching chang chung.” These are the words that Hope frequently hear growing up. She came from Vietnam and was adopted due to the Vietnam War. Despite being raised by a loving and happy Australian family in Sydney, she grew up longing for something she couldn’t comprehend.

Racism during her time was pretty common. Hope was always teased for being different. There were also kids who poke fun at her for being adopted. One time, she questioned her parents’ reasons for adopting her. She kind of hated her early years in life, especially her biological parents for disowning her. As Hope gets older, she developed a fear of being abandoned. This seriously messed up her intimate relationships.

There’s one thing about being Vietnamese that she couldn’t forget. One time, a man asked her to translate the Chinese passage from the book he was reading. She laughed at the man and told him that his guess was good as hers. The problem with most people is that they distinguish all Asians with small eyes as Chinese. Hope tried to convince them that she’s Vietnamese, but people dismiss her and said that it doesn’t matter; that they’re all the same.

Growing up as an adopted Asian in Australia has its ups and downs. Fortunately, Australian families give the love these children truly deserve. Read more about Asian culture in Sydney at ACM Group.

Adoption Articles

Ten Ways That Being Adopted Is Cool

Adoption gives parents a new opportunity to have a fresh start in their married life. Many couples often find it to be one of the missing key pieces that makes their relationship complete. For children, being adopted opens a window to a new life and opportunity. Here are ten ways that being adopted is cool.

  1. Mystery

There is also mystery revolving around your existence. Everything from your name birthday, genetic origin is made up. Parents can create the details for your origin story which is very cool.

  1. People are drawn to you

Due to your mysterious origins, people feel that they want to get to know you better. This is also good if you want to pique one’s attention and have them start guessing.

  1. No need to claim relatives

If you have brothers and sisters in your family, you can outright dismiss them as relatives especially if they’ve done something annoying and embarrassing. You don’t want them tarnishing the good reputation that you’ve been building.

  1. Embrace Different Culture

You are able to embrace different cultures regardless of where your parents have originated from. This means that race is not an issue to you and you can get along with just about anyone and this greatly helps in making friends.

  1. Parents Love You for Who You Are

Adopted children are loved by their parents and support their decisions. This helps give you the freedom to choose the career of your liking.  As long as it is reasonable, you will sure to gain the backings of your parents in a short amount of time which leads to another cool feature…

  1. You Tend to Get Spoiled

Couples who chose to adopt children tend to spoil them too much for their own good. This is indeed quite true especially for first time adopters as they are fairly new and inexperienced in dealing with their first child. However, don’t take all of this to your advantage and parents need to set some limits. With that being said, you often get away with most of your blunders. Use social media with caution.

  1. Only Child Privileges

As mentioned earlier, couples that consider adoption usually don’t have a child to begin with. As a result, you will most likely be the only child and will be able to enjoy a lot of privileges for quite some time until they decide to add another child but has little chance of happening.

  1. Secured Future

Again couples who decide to adopt children usually have stable jobs and income. This means that your future is set in stone as you will be supported until your graduate. This however, does not exclude you from household chores.

  1. Relatives Don’t Annoy You Too Much During Reunions

Reunions for some are troublesome and annoying. This is where relatives talk about their history and what has happened to them over the years which can drag on for a very long time. However, for relatives don’t ask you questions that often and they often tend to talk with your parents instead which saves you from the hassle.

  1. Adopted kids feel higher respect to other adopted children

You feel like you have an invisible link with other children which create a sense of camaraderie. However, you guys don’t treat it as a disability as each and every one of you understands what the other person is going through.